Automation, A hands free approach to greater productivity. Automate your production processesto gain substantial cost savings and reduce production errors. Improve turnaround time by automating your order handling, design personalization, file transmission and production.

A hands free approach to greater productivity.

Free yourself from tasks that can be easily handled by automation, creating more time for you to focus on customer service, and allowing you to scale up your business. Standardize your critical production processes and eliminate costs associated with manual errors. Our PulseID automation solutions seamlessly integrate into your current production processes, no matter how large or small your apparel decoration business is. Pulse software works flawlessly to save you time and labor costs, improving delivery times and eliminating 100% of errors associated with manual input.

PulseID's sophisticated text and design creation engines generate designs based on orders created online, or on in-house order entry systems, without the need for user intervention. Designs are created automatically according to your company's guidelines and text generation rules, and can be automatically downloaded and queued to your production machines. Barcode scanners are an efficient way to transfer designs to the machines, further improving production speed.

If your business involves blank garments, or any other goods that can be personalized, our PulseID automation solutions can be designed specifically to suit your business needs. If you work with embroidery, digital print, laser, rhinestone, or sequin, we have an automation solution for you.

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    Provides the Power for

    • Order Generation
    • Digital Print Design Creation
    • Embroidery Lettering
    • Design Visualization
    • Colorizing
    • Design Transmission

    Benefits for your Business

    Eliminate Labor Costs

    • Automated Design Creation
    • Automated Flow from Order Through to Machine

    Eliminate Errors

    • Hands-Free from Order to Machine

    Speed up Production

    • Barcode Design into Embroidery Machine
    • Automatic Needle Setting for Embroidery
    • Automatic RIP for Printing

    Consistent Quality

    • Rules Engine Applies Your Business Rules
    • Best-in-Class Design Generating Engines

    Increase Orders

    • Web Renderings Increase the Rate at Which Orders can be Handled and Processed

Initials, Inc. Increases Productivity By 129%

When a company experiences phenomenal growth, it must have the equipment and systems in place to keep up with demand. For Initials Inc., that crossroads came in 2011 as the home party planning company for personalized products generated more orders than ever before. “We knew that continuing to do embroidery and personalization the way we had been doing it in the past was not going to get us to the future,” recalls Chief Operations Officer Darren Vickery. After extensive research, Initials’ management decided that commercial grade Tajima embroidery machines and customized automation from Hirsch International (Pulse's U.S. Distributor) were the best option for greater efficiency.

“The fact that we can create personalization as the customer ordered it and apply it to the end product in one seamless step is amazing. In the past, the old way of doing embroidery production would have meant several manual steps,” Vickery says. “Initials, Inc. has been able to increase productivity by an astonishing 129% by combining the hardware and software solutions provided to us by Hirsch.”

Choosing Hirsch as a partner is a decision Vickery feels good about, not just because of quality or efficiency but also because of the support Hirsch delivers. “From the very first day, Hirsch has provided great service from installation of the hardware, to implementing the software, to assisting with any follow-up questions that our team members may have had in implementing the embroidery automation. It has been a very good experience and we are extremely pleased with the results that we have obtained by utilizing the equipment and software that Hirsch has recommended.”

Darren Vickery, United States

Automation Makes The Difference At Coastal Pets

As the world’s largest pet collar and leash manufacturer, Coastal Pet Products Inc. has over 5,000 SKUs of products, many of which can be custom embroidered with a pet’s name, a home phone number, and/or decorative icons for a thematic touch. There was a time when each order was input by hand to run on one of the company’s Tajima embroidery machines. It was too easy for an operator to accidentally misspell a name, for example, or input the wrong information. Not anymore thanks to the Pulse automation software that Hirsch customized for Coastal’s specific needs.

“Today we accept customers requests via the Internet, which go into our main computer system. We can then scan the order into the equipment so there are no more ‘fat fingering’ errors,” says Jeff Cleveland, Manufacturing Manager at Coastal. “All the operator has to do is simply place the collar on the machine.” Where Coastal used to need one operator per embroidery machine, today each operator can manage three machines. Not only has productivity increased, the manufacturer’s “scrap rate” has dropped significantly. In addition to order information always being correct, the Pulse software automatically adjusts the Tajima machines for product style and width, setting font size to proper scale.

Cleveland is eager to expand use of the Pulse system to take advantage of even more capabilities. In particular he notes a reporting function that will enable him to quantify productivity of each shift and each employee. It can also track specifics such as amount of each thread color used, to facilitate inventory management. “As we’ve implemented the Pulse system, Hirsch has been excellent to work with,” Cleveland says. “Hirsch tailor made a solution for our operation. They have good knowledge of systems and capabilities, and they always pick of the phone when we have a question.”

Jeff Cleveland, United States

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