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  • Designed to handle high volume personalization. From 100 orders to 100,000+ per day

  • Rules and parameters for personalizations are defined by your business

  • Eliminates costs and issues associated with manual input

  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing order processing system

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    The Hands-free Solution to Greater Profitability

    Standardize your critical production processes and eliminate costs associated with manual errors. PulseID’s engines have been designed specifically for high volume personalization creation. The PulseID automation solution reads orders directly from your existing order information system, creating professional quality files directly from computer data or from online order forms. Through PulseID, we offer customized automation solutions for any apparel decoration business.

    Personalized designs are generated automatically based on the rules your company defines, and the rendering option lets customers visually approve their order before it goes into production. Combine this hands-off method with a simple barcode scanning system to significantly increase your machine operator’s productivity, and enable them to manage multiple machines at once.

    Whether you run a bustling production factory, an online store, or a chain of retail shops, our software is created specifically to integrate into your current production processes no matter the size or style of your business. Improved workflow, quicker order turnaround time, lower labor costs, and reduced machine downtime are just a few tasks our software can assist with.


    • Eliminate Errors • Automated Design Creation
    • Hands-Free from Order to Machine • Reduce Labor Costs
    • Barcode Design into Embroidery Machine • Speed up Production
    • Automatic Needle Setting for Embroidery • Automatic RIP for Printing
    • Best-in-Class Design Generating Engines • Consistent High Quality
    • Increase the Rate at Which Orders can be Processed

    Software to Personalize Anything

    Embroidery, Digital Print, Sequin, Chenille, Rhinestone, Applique, Laser Cutting/Etching/Engraving, Rotary Engraving

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