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Customized Software Solutions for Your Business

Every business has its own unique challenges to overcome, and not every problem can be solved with software that comes out of a box. Pulse recognises that each business has specific needs in order to thrive as a successful company, and has worked diligently to create customized software solutions for many leaders in the apparel decoration industry.

Our PulseID software solutions can help you with design creation and the automation of your machines, eliminating production errors and drastically improving your productivity and profitability. Whether you run an online store or an extensive chain of retail shops, we can create custom software designed specifically to integrate into your current production processes, no matter the size or style of your business.

PulseID has assisted many organizations by creating customizable apparel decoration software while modernizing and automating their production processes. These organizations have greatly increased their efficiency, and eliminated production errors through solutions that integrate within existing internal and external systems. Improved workflow, quicker order turnaround time, lower labor costs, and reduced machine downtime are just a few tasks PulseID can assist with.

Contact us to speak about the challenges your business faces and how our customized software solutions can help your business grow.

Saves us time and money training store personnel

We partnered with Pulse to develop a custom embroidery software solution to deploy in our retail locations. The Pulse team were all great partners, and in the end helped us create a solution that works for US, not something stock out of the box. Our new software is simple to use and is so much easier to train our store personnel…which in the end saves us time and money! We are very pleased with our continuing partnership with Pulse.

LIDS Management, United States

Automation Makes The Difference At Coastal Pets

As the world’s largest pet collar and leash manufacturer, Coastal Pet Products Inc. has over 5,000 SKUs of products, many of which can be custom embroidered with a pet’s name, a home phone number, and/or decorative icons for a thematic touch. There was a time when each order was input by hand to run on one of the company’s Tajima embroidery machines. It was too easy for an operator to accidentally misspell a name, for example, or input the wrong information. Not anymore thanks to the Pulse automation software that Hirsch customized for Coastal’s specific needs.

“Today we accept customers requests via the Internet, which go into our main computer system. We can then scan the order into the equipment so there are no more ‘fat fingering’ errors,” says Jeff Cleveland, Manufacturing Manager at Coastal. “All the operator has to do is simply place the collar on the machine.” Where Coastal used to need one operator per embroidery machine, today each operator can manage three machines. Not only has productivity increased, the manufacturer’s “scrap rate” has dropped significantly. In addition to order information always being correct, the Pulse software automatically adjusts the Tajima machines for product style and width, setting font size to proper scale.

Cleveland is eager to expand use of the Pulse system to take advantage of even more capabilities. In particular he notes a reporting function that will enable him to quantify productivity of each shift and each employee. It can also track specifics such as amount of each thread color used, to facilitate inventory management. “As we’ve implemented the Pulse system, Hirsch has been excellent to work with,” Cleveland says. “Hirsch tailor made a solution for our operation. They have good knowledge of systems and capabilities, and they always pick of the phone when we have a question.”

Jeff Cleveland, United States

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