Featured Highlights:

  • Intuitive software with easy-to-use features

  • Designed for touch screen devices

  • Large built-in image library and impressive font collection

  • Customizable garment images for easy visualization

  • Easy artwork manipulation

  • Easily create team names using variable data

  • Designs are immediately available for printing

  • Consistent across multiple platforms

  • Intuitive and powerful retail solution for digital print

    Pulse's digital print retail solution lets your customers skip years of graphic design training to quickly turn basic artwork into an artistic personalized design. PulseKiosk intuitively integrates image creation with personalized text to create a one-of-a-kind decorated garment, which can be sent directly to your in-store digital printer in minutes.

    Simplify the process from designing a garment through to the printing of the final product. The easy-to-use touch screen interface enables customers to quickly create and view a personalized design by selecting from our library of over 200 high quality vector artwork and 40 fonts, or you can add your own! Additional images and fonts can be loaded into the system through the administrator window to allow for even more customization options, or your customers can import and personalize their own designs using an external USB/hard drive.

    Once decoration is complete, the customer will see their design displayed exactly as it will be printed on your product. When the order is confirmed, PulseKiosk will output the printing files with proper specifications for your digital printer of choice, so all you have to do is press the print button!

    Pulse is the first company to introduce a tablet-based digital printing solution for both iPad and Android devices. Our digital printing applications run seamlessly across multiple platforms. From desktop PC to tablets and mobile phones, we offer personalization software solutions to expand your business opportunities in on-demand retail environments. Harnessing the latest in technology, our retail kiosks simplify the creation of static and personalized digital print designs, including the creation of team uniforms using Variable Data.

    Contact us to discuss how PulseKiosk can provide an engaging and memorable experience within your retail environment, or visit the PulseKiosk website for more information.


  • Create designs on a portable tablet OR desktop computer
  • Create a secondary point of sale
  • High customer involvement
  • Personalize designs in a fraction of the time it takes using graphics programs
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Software to Personalize Anything

    Embroidery, Digital Print, Sequin, Chenille, Rhinestone, Applique, Laser Cutting/Etching/Engraving, Rotary Engraving

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