Retail Business: Customizable retail solutions for embroidery, digital print, and more. Pulse’s intuitive and easy-to-use retail kiosk solutions allow your customers to enjoy the experience of creating their own personalized garment right in your store.

Intuitive and Powerful

Creating personalized garments is quick and easy with one of Pulse’s retail software solutions, offering the customer a unique and personalized experience right within your retail store. Pulse software allows the customer to participate in nearly every aspect of the garment manufacturing process; from selecting a garment and creating a customized design, through to embroidering or printing their personalized artwork.


Embroidery: Autograph v2.0

Autograph is Pulse’s retail-specific embroidery software solution for easy and efficient garment personalization. The software features a simple user interface, logical workflow and sample templates that will help the user create and send customized designs directly to an embroidery machine in a matter of minutes. Autograph can be used to customize any and all garments that fit your embroidery machine.

Autograph is a straightforward program to use that offers a great deal of options to enhance the user experience. A vast selection of over 220+ professionally digitized fonts allows the user to mix and match to suit any style of garment and design. Autograph’s easy to navigate design templates make it simple to create, edit and personalize a design without the expertise and experience of a digitizing professional. The software offers a wide array of editing tools to make sure the user’s design fits their own personal vision.

Autograph is a great solution for retail stores to allow the sale of personalized garments to their consumers. Customers will be able to see their personalized design take shape as it is embroidered right in front of them. The entire process from design to a finished product takes just a few moments to complete, resulting in a memorable experience and a finely crafted personalized product delivered to a satisfied customer.

Visit the Autograph page to see how it can provide an engaging and memorable experience within your retail environment.

Digital Print: PulseKiosk

PulseKiosk for Digital Print lets your customers skip years of graphic design training to quickly turn basic artwork into an artistic personalized design. PulseKiosk intuitively integrates image creation with personalized text to create a one-of-a-kind decorated garment, which can be sent directly to your digital printer.

PulseKiosk simplifies the process from designing a garment through to the printing of the final product. The easy-to-use touch screen interface enables users to quickly create and view a personalized design by selecting from over 200 images and over 40 fonts. Additional images and fonts can be loaded into the system through the administrator window to allow for even more customization options, or your customers can import and personalize their own designs using an external hard drive.

Once complete, the customer will see their design displayed exactly as it will be printed out. This is the last chance to make any changes before the shirt is printed. PulseKiosk will output the printing files with proper specifications for your printer of choice, so all you have to do is hit the print button!

Contact us to discuss how PulseKiosk can provide an engaging and memorable experience within your retail environment, or visit the PulseKiosk website for more information.


    Key Features

    • Over 225 Fonts in Autograph to Meet Any Request
    • Create New Personalized Designs in Minutes
    • Quickly Change Font to Create New Designs Without Digitizing Again
    • Edit Designs With a Variety of Easy-to-Use Tools
    • Visualize Designs on a Garment Within the Program
    • Benefits

    • The Garment Preview Feature Enables Instant Customer Approval
    • Thread Charts Included for Easy Color Selection
    • High Customer Involvement
    • Create a Secondary Point of Sale
    • Making Changes to Match Available Threads is Easy
    • Simply Work With the Thread Colors You Prefer


    Key Features

    • Intuitive Software, Easy-to-Use Features
    • Designed for Touch Screen Devices
    • Large Built-In Image Library and Impressive Font Collection
    • Customizable Garment Images for Easy Visualization
    • Easy Artwork Manipulation
    • Easily Create Team Names Using Variable Data
    • Designs are Immediately Available for Printing
    • Consistent Across Multiple Platforms


    • Create Designs on a Portable Tablet OR Desktop Computer
    • High Customer Involvement
    • Create a Secondary Point of Sale
    • Personalize Designs in a Fraction of the Time it Takes Using Graphics Programs
    • No Transaction Fees

Saves us time and money training store personnel

We partnered with Pulse to develop a custom embroidery software solution to deploy in our retail locations. The Pulse team were all great partners, and in the end helped us create a solution that works for US, not something stock out of the box. Our new software is simple to use and is so much easier to train our store personnel…which in the end saves us time and money! We are very pleased with our continuing partnership with Pulse.

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