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Boost your web traffic and unleash the creativity of your customers by enabling them to easily create and purchase personalized designs with Pulse’s online embroidery and print solutions. PulseID Web Services creates an intuitive and visually engaging experience for your customers as they create their own personalized artwork on your website.

PulseID Online Design software is intuitive, powerful and simple to use. There is no need to learn complicated graphic software or photo editing programs, so customers can begin creating personalized garments within seconds regardless of skill level. A variety of options and tools are available to personalize designs even further, including a diverse selection of fonts, designs and editing tools to allow the user to get the detail and quality they desire. With PulseID Online Designers, the user can create a personalized design, view and confirm it on your product, and save the embroidery or print ready file to a server that can be accessed by a machine operator from anywhere in the world.

Pulse has assisted many organizations in adding customizable apparel decoration to their website. These organizations have seen a remarkable increase in efficiency and reduction in cost through solutions that are built into their existing company websites and internal systems.

Feature Highlights:

  • Add personalized garment decoration to your website.
  • Instantly create professional designs with complete control over image layout and personalized text.
  • Work with your own garment catalogues
  • Assign different hoops and/or table setups for individual garments
  • Create personalized lettering directly in any internet browser
  • Design library organizes and displays your artistic assets to customers
  • Output hundreds of personalized garments from a single template using Variable Data
  • Works with Tajima machines and all leading direct-to-garment printers.
  • Customizable design and font libraries
  • Visual previews enable instant customer approval
  • Manage product stock
  • Manage order reports and production status
  • Print worksheets with barcodes to transfer designs to machines in seconds
  • Connects to a variety of online payment methods

  • PulseID Online Standard Edition

  • Hosted by Pulse, it links directly to and from your existing website.
  • Easy-to-use Administrator to manage orders, garment setups, design library and more.
  • Connects to PayPal for simple and efficient transaction management.

  • PulseID Online Enterprise Edition

  • Hosted directly on your own server, the Enterprise Edition can be seamlessly embedded into your website.
  • Exchange information and designs between your existing website and ordering system through Pulse's API.
  • Graphics and product data can be shared with the designer app.
  • Display products and designs only to specific customers using IDs.
  • Add business logic that is specific to your company.
  • Returned images and order information can be saved in your existing shopping cart, or to internal systems.
  • Operate multiple websites simultaneously.
  • Use our powerful Administrator to manage orders, designs, and more, Or design your own using the advanced API system.

  • Software to Personalize Anything

    Embroidery, Digital Print, Sequin, Chenille, Rhinestone, Applique, Laser Cutting/Etching/Engraving, Rotary Engraving

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